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Advocacy Groups / Campaigns

Campaign for Recycling

Container Recycling Institute

COOL 2012 (Compostable Organics Out of Landfills by 2012 )

Earth’s 911

Environmental Paper Network


Grassroots Recycling Network

Green Agenda Network

Green Clean Schools

Public Place Recycling

Recycling Guide


Recycle Now

Recycling Revolution

Recycling Works! Campaign

Rethink Recycling

Reuse Alliance

Second Nature

Student Environmental Action Coalition

World Environment Organization


Articles and Reports
Collective entrepreneurship: the mobilization of college and university recycling coordinators, by Michael Lounsbury

The Greening of a University, by James P. Pellow and Brij Anand

First Steps, by Adam Minter

Investing in Zero Waste…and Green Jobs, by Neil Seldman

The Mixed Blessing of Campus Sustainability, Shery D. Breen

Sustainability trends on campus, by Kerilee Horan

Recycling and Beyond: A College Campus Primer

Under the Green Thumb: Totalitarian Sustainability on Campus, by Adam Kissel



Buying for the Future: Contact Management for the Environmental Challenge, by Kevin J. Lyons

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the way we make things, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart

Ecodemia: Campus Environmental Stewardship at the Turn of the 21st Century: Lessons in Smart Management from Administrators, Staff, and Students, by Julian Keniry
Fostering Sustainable Behavior: An Introduction to Community Based Social Marketing, by Doug McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith

Fat of the Land: garbage in New York: the last two hundred years, by Benjamin Miller

From the cult of waste to the trash heap of history : the politics of waste in socialist and postsocialist Hungary, by Zsuzsa Gille

Garbage In Garbage Out: Solving the Problems with Long-Distance Trash Transport, by Vivian E. Thomson

Garbage in the Cities : refuse, reform, and the environment, by Martin V. Melosi

Garbage Land: on the secret trail of trash, by Elizabeth Royte

Garbage Wars: The struggle for environmental justice in Chicago, by David N. Pellow

Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage, by Heather Rogers

Greening the Ivory Tower, by Sarah Hammond Creighton
Harvard Business Review on Business and the Environment, by Amory Lovins

Recycling & Beyond: A College Campus Primer (Online)

Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things, by John C. Ryan and Alan Thein Durnin

The Green Campus: Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Sustainability, by Walter Simpson

Trash Talk: An inspirational guide to saving time and money through better waste and resource management, by Lillian Brummet and Dave Brummet

Trash, by John Knechtel

Waste and Want: a social history of trash, Susan Strasser

World of Waste: dilemmas of industrial development, by K.A. Gourlay

Campus Programs- State

Colorado University Recycling

Emory University:

University of Oregon:

University of Minnesota:

Clemson University:

University of California Davis:

University of Missouri:

University of Michigan:


University of California, Berkley:

University of Massachusetts:

Auburn University:

Boston University:

University of Pittsburg:

Carnegie Mellon University:

Tufts Recycles!

CU-Boulder Links

CU Environmental Center

CU Facilities Management

CU Housing and Dining Services

CU Athletics/Ralphie’s Green Stampede


Colorado Organizations (local and state)



Boulder County Resource Conservation Division / Recycling and Composting

City of Boulder Office of Environmental Affairs/Recycling and Composting

ReSource (building materials)

Green Girl Recycling

Western Disposal


Colorado Association for Recycling

Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

Recharge Colorado



Organics and Composting, R4 Recycling, Chapter 10,

The Master Composter

The US Composting Council

The Worm Digest


Consumer Products

Conscious Consumer Marketplace

Carpet and Rugs


Future Solutions, Inc.

Green Seal

GreenGuard Environmental Institute

Recycled Products Cooperative


Environmental Calculators and Conversion Factors

EPA WARM model

Electronic Product Evaluation & Assessment Tool

Impact Calculator



BagIt System

Busch Systems

Mid-Point –

Rubbermaid -


Government Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency,

EPA WasteWise College University Campaign


Grants / Funding

Obtaining Grants, R4 Recycling, Chapter 19,

EPA Funding:

EPA Grants:

Funding Factory:

State Funding




New York:



Green Building


Build it Green

Building Materials Reuse Association

Construction and Demolition Waste, R4 Recycling, Chapter 15,

Deconstruction and Reuse Network

Green Building Basics:


US Green Build (LEED)


Green Purchasing / Contracting

Contract Language, R4 Recycling, Chapter 6,


Environmental Paper Network Paper Steps: On Campus

Recycled Content Products, R4 Recycling, Chapter 18,

Toolkit for Soft Drink Contract Revision

Office of Research Facilities




Industry Groups

American Forest and Paper Association

Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers

Glass Packaging Institute

Ecology Action

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

Northeast Recycling Council

Solid Waste Association of North America

Steel Recycling Institute

The US Composting Council

Waste Age


International Recycling

African Recycler’s Association

Asian Recycler’s Association

Australian Government: Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities

Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

Central America Recycling

European Commission

European Recycler’s Exchange

India Environment Portal

International Solid Waste Association

Mexico: Secretary of the Environment (Spanish)

Paper Recycling Association of South Africa

Recycle Australia

South American Recycling Exchange

Waste Management, Pollution Control and Recycling in Africa

Waste Management, Pollution Control and Recycling in South America



Apollo Alliance

Good Jobs Green Jobs


Workforce Information Council



American Recycler

Biocycle Magazine

Composting News

Environmental Business Journal

Environmental Magazine


The Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management

Recycling Today

Resource Recycling Magazine

Scrap Magazine

Waste and Recycling News


Higher Education Related Organizations

AASHE: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education,

American Association of Community Colleges

American College University President’s Climate Commitment

Clean Air-Cool Planet

College and University Recycling Coalition

The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges

Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium

Harvard Green Campus Initiative:

National Wildlife Federation: Campus Ecology Project

SCUP: The Society for University and College Planning,

Second Nature: Education for Sustainability

University Leaders For A Sustainable Future


Packaging/Food Service


Ecologic Packaging

Go Green

FP International


Paper/Office Supplies

Chlorine Free Products Association


Environmental Paper Network

New Leaf Paper

Tree Cycle



Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW)

EPA- Recycling Market Development

Integrated Campus Recycling and Waste Management Guide

National Recycling Coalition

Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)

Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA)




NSF International


Special Events

Special Events Recycling, R4 Recycling, Chapter 9,

Special Events Recycling Guide

Ecology Action

Waste Audits

How to Conduct a Waste Audit

Solid Waste Audit, R4 Recycling, Chapter 8,

Waste Audit Tool

Department of Environmental Protection

Waste Reduction:

Making Less Garbage on Campus: A Hands On Guide

Opt-Out Registry and other Junk Mail Reduction

Practice Greenhealth

Waste Reduction Technology

Minnesota pollution Control Agency


Zero Waste:


Grassroots Recycling Network: Zero Waste

Zero Waste Alliance

Zero Waste International Alliance






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